Missions Training

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, PCSBA Missionary Department “Power in Truth” in Sacramento, CA has organized and lead a missions training on “Leadership and Teamwork Basics” with an attendance from the churches of the Pacific Coast Slavic Baptist Association and their guests.

This year’s topic of “Leadership and Teamwork Basics” was chosen after a survey conducted by the Power in Truth team among the current short-term missionary teams. Missionaries always work with teams: be it the teams they organize to go out and serve on a specific project or the teams that missionaries join locally upon their arrival to the field.

The topic was covered by four sessions lead by Pastor Vasiliy Stupin of Good News Church in Tacoma, WA and Pastor and Missions Director Alex Ivanov of House of the Gospel church in Fresno, CA. The sessions were on the “Teamwork Basics”, “Principles of Leadership in Missions” and “Unity”. After the lunch break, a separate session time was set apart for a hands-on experience for the teams to work together on an assignment and to analyze what it takes to reach success while working with people from different backgrounds and experiences.

Throughout the event, the participants shared what it means for them to be missionaries and what opportunities they see available this year locally as well as in other countries. You may find all opportunities listed on Mission Opportunities page.

Missions Training is an annual event designed to equip missionaries with spiritual edification, practical training for the upcoming missions trips, and godly fellowship. We invite you to view a long recap of this year’s training.


Vasiliy Stupin
Senior Pastor
Good News Church (Tacoma, WA)

Alex Ivanov
Pastor & Missions Director 
House of the Gospel (Fresno, CA)


The goal of “Missions Training” is to equip missions teams with spiritual edification, practical training and godly fellowship.  Our aim is to prepare young missionaries for upcoming trips and to establish believers and give them tools to be The Salt and The Light of this dark world.

We surveyed current short-term missionaries to see what topics are relevant and important for a missionary today and the survey conversations surfaced one common theme – How do I work within a team?

So this year’s Missions Training topic is Leadership & Teamwork Basics. We hope that each attendee will have a lot to take from this event.

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