Our Mission

To help the Slavic Immigrants by providing detailed explanation and by offering practical examples of implementation in understanding the concept: “my present place of residence is my Jerusalem, and from here I should start my missionary service.”

To develop overseas missionary work not only in the countries of the former Soviet Union, but also in countries where a large number of Slavic people have recently immigrated.

To continue to develop and expand consistency in the internet network service for use as a successful and accessible tool for worldwide evangelism.

Our Vision and Methods to Implement our Mission

To help establish service and new churches for English-speaking attendees (children of Slavic immigrants, people of other cultures and ethnic backgrounds). To take an active role in preparing English-speaking ministers to perform this mission and to encourage church youth participation.

To conduct research on the status and needs of missionary work among Russian-speaking people in countries such as Mexico, Portugal, Brazil and Italy.

To help the PCSBA Department of Education educate and prepare missionaries for these countries. Together with the PCSBA Department of Education, develop short, outreach programs for preaching the Gospel over the Internet.

Meet our Team

The department does not have paid staff.  Everyone is a volunteer.  Staff members represent people from different generations who have unique experiences and education. They all have one thing in common: a passionate desire to spread the Gospel successfully “in Jerusalem, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”.

Ministry in Europe


Short Term Missions Team Coordinator









Alex Ivanov

Alex Ivanov was born in Chernovtsi, Ukraine in 1985. Since 1998 he lives in Fresno, CA. In 2002 Alex was baptized and is currently a church member at House of the Gospel. He got married in 2011 to his wife Inna and together the serve the Lord. Alex is one of the preaching pastors at House of the Gospel and also coordinates the Missions Department.

Position description:

Coordinator of ministry in Europe. Prepares and organizes short-term missions teams to Europe.

Sergey Tkachev

Sergey was born in Zaporozhye, Ukraine and moved to the United States at the age of 6. Living most of his life in Southern California, the Lord blessed him with an opportunity to serve the youth at his church and coordinate PCSBA youth events for the edification and fellowship of churches in the Southern California region. Sergey married his wife Anna in 2015. They both have had the opportunity to serve together on overseas missions projects and are currently living in Sacramento, CA.

Position description:

  • – Responsible for coordinating and facilitating communication channels between short term missions groups team leaders and the PT Missions Department
  • – Be up to date on team needs and communicate them to PT Missions Department
  • – Act as a liaison between those with missions interests and respective teams who are in need of new members
  • – Facilitate coordination of annual missions trainings and other events aimed at serving missions teams

Anna Tkachev

Anna was born and raised in Russia, in the city of Kaluga. Growing up in an unbelieving family she knew little about God and His grace. In 2008 she went to a Christian English camp in Moscow, where she was saved.
In 2011 she was baptized at the local church in Kaluga, “Regeneration”. She became involved in the Awana ministry, kid’s camps and girl’s Bible study group. Her most cherished ministry was helping start and coordinate the English camp and English club ministries in her local church for unbelieving college students in the surrounding universities.
In 2015, Anna married Sergey and moved to the United States. Anna and Sergey live in Sacramento, CA.

Position description:

  • – Provide overall management and support for the administrative functions of the PT Mission Department.
  • – Email meeting reminders and other communication to members of PT
  • – Take minutes during Department meetings and send them to the Department meeting attendees.
  • – Coordinate correspondence.
  • – Accomplish other duties as assigned.

Natalya Galchenko

Natalya Galchenko joined Power in Truth, PCSBA in 2017, bringing a wealth of treasury and financial experience to the volunteer role as a Treasurer.
In this role, Natalya is responsible for monitoring donations, reimbursing expenses, transferring salary and providing other support needed for mission ministries locally and in former Soviet Union, Europe, Israel serving as a financial lesion for missioners in Italy, Portugal and Russia.

Irene Karkhut

Irene Karkhut became a believer and was baptized in 1992 in Ternopil, Ukraine.
She graduated from Lviv National University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree in Journalism. For many years she has worked as the journalist at the Ternopil State Television.
Together with family Irene immigrated to the USA, Sacramento (California) in 2002. She authored the Christian television programs; In the Beginning There Was a Word, House Arranged with Wisdom, numerous articles, radio, and telecasts about heroes of faith.
Together with her husband Michael they are raising two children.

Position description:

As a journalist I wrote scripts for Power in Truth Mission PCSBA’s Department. Most of the articles were written for a Christian publication (God’s Vineyard Magazine), the PCSBA website, and radio and television programming.

Alik Yanovskiy

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